Welcome to MAC Studios, the advertising agency for design, graphics and realisation in Düsseldorf.

Since 1990 we have been pursuing one goal every day once more: to make your product and your brand a bestseller at the point of sale.

Whether brand development, corporate design, packaging design or editorial design, whether above or below, analogue or digital, classical or avant-garde – we have the requisite expertise in what we do.

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Two passionate individuals, one idea and 100% enthusiasm – that is how the story of MAC Studios began 25 years ago.

Since that time the team has grown steadily and their ideas have multiplied, although the attitude of the agency managed by owner Frank Vits has remained the same: passion and pleasure when tackling new challenges.

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Anyone who dominates the attention control reality.

Attention is a rare and precious human resource. It is the basis of all forms of interest, the source of love and the precondition of all actions. Attention is one of the most precious goods we have.

We live in a "competition of perception". In view of the large flood of information that inundates the attention of consumers nowadays, only one thing counts: leaving behind a lasting impression. Not once, but time and again.

Only clear, unique and authentic brand and product profiles can counteract the sensory overload over the long term.

Guiding perception is the decisive step on the way to successful communication. It is precisely this route that we would like to create together with you – from the conception to the realisation process.


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For those who do not yet know us and our location:

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