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Is your brand a future brand? A relevant and recognizable brand that offers orientation? Our clients trust us because we understand them and because, being an interdisciplinary team consisting of analytical strategists and passionate creatives, we shape and lead brands – from the first crucial impression to lasting success.

We work closely and at eye level with our clients, we think multidisciplinary and are driven driven by ideas and growth-oriented. And we love good communication. We always did.


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Behind every successful brand lies an elaborate and holistic strategy. From idea and name to identity and positioning, we develop a consistent presence which is one-of-a-kind and visually convincing.

We give every brand its unique character – beyond mass-market. We are able to evaluate already-established brands correctly and lead them into the direction reaching the goal defined by our clients. In the process we choose the wording that triggers the emotions in order to anchor the brand permanently in the hearts and minds of potential consumers.

Together with our clients, our team develops brand strategies across touchpoints and makes those strategies come alive analogically-to-digitally for all target groups and most of all: relevant.


„A successful brand is always made of good ideas, passion, common sense – and above all experience.”

Frank Vits, Designer & Managing Director


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We develop brand identities, establish and nourish them – based on extensive analyses, competition and market observation. This way we identify exactly the status quo of a brand and where it’s supposed to be in the future. Together we provide the basis for storytelling. From the brand strategy to concrete occasions about which one can tell stories – as a product, campaign or world.
If you want to find your way into people’s minds, you have to appeal to the heart. This is why successful brands are emotional as well: stories, visual language, colour patterns – these aren’t coincidences but elements of a consistent brand establishment which we implement for our clients. With experience, knowledge, courage and passion.


Brands are personalities that want to be seen and understood. They should be individual and recognizable. Based on a clear strategy we create the logo, the typography, a selection of colours, an original design and a language that jointly express the uniqueness of a brand.


Content you want to see and to read, from beginning to end. The creation of impressive content is one of our great passions in editorial design. Could be magazines, catalogues, brochures, books, flyers or a cover, print or digital: We generally develop and design media with a “well-look-at-this-effect”, to captivate the readers attention.


Since 70 % of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, the packaging plays a crucial part within the impulse to buy something. At the local stores, it’s important to make a first impression with an impact. In e-commerce, on the other hand, the unpacking of the product has to become something like a brand adventure – the unboxing experience. We love to seduce target groups with an effective packaging and bind them to the brand in the long run. A well-done packaging design is a good seller.


There is no successful brand without a strong online presence. For us, social media marketing is not just an accompanying measure, but rather a strategic pillar for high-flying brand, sales and distribution communication. If you trust us with your brand, we will develop a strategy as a basis for decision-making regarding the development of a suitable social media concept. By doing this, we make sure to not only snatch fans, views and followers but also establish social media as an integral component of your brand’s


We’ve got something to contrast the internet’s flood of images: quality. We speak many picture languages and translate brand values into images. In the process, we guarantee a high level in creativity, flexibility, cost management and production safety in the following areas: food, stills, products, people, indoor and outdoor.


We are generally very precise in everything we do. The perfect data processing contributes significantly to a qualitative brand impact. Our well-established and experienced team in media design and picture editing creates excellent documents that can be processed and produced efficiently – be it printed or digitally.

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