Loud and clear! The creation department of MAC Studios introduces two new copywriters.

Two experts think and write for us now: Since 1st June 2020, senior copywriter Marion Hingst-Plecity and since 1stJanuary 2021, copywriter Janika Meiners are part of your creation department. Here we go:

The passionate brandwriter.

In the course of her career, Marion Hingst-Plecity has always been in charge for huge brands and companies like Range Rover, Miele, Karstadt, Bayer and C&A. After 25 years of working as a freelancer for notable agencies and for some clients she is looking forward to her permanent position with MAC Studios. Professional multichannel communication combined with a strong and creative team are the reasons she is with us.

The versatile word acrobat.

Janika Meiners has long-standing experience in content creation. It all started with an internship at a local newspaper in the Black Forest, further jobs as a music journalist and an online editor were to follow. At Cocomore AG in Frankfurt, the graduate of media studies was mainly responsible for the client Procter & Gamble and created content like website banners, articles or newsletters. Janika writes for all channels at MAC Studios.