One month at MAC Studios: an interview with a new colleague

Everything is new in … February, because we couldn’t and didn’t want to wait until May! This is why Stefanie Gatermann, a new colleague with lots of expertise, has been supporting us withing strategic client consulting since 1st February. Her first month in the new job has already gone by, which is why we asked her for a first summary in a short interview.

You have been working for MAC Studios since 1st February. What is your job here?

My job goes far beyond classic client consulting. I elaborate strategic concepts to draft holistic and custom-made communication. My job doesn’t only entail the planning of marketing communication topics, but also the analysis of positioning, corporate goals and brand strategy. I thereby have the opportunity to work creatively withing strategy and organization – this is just the perfect mix for me.

What was your first month with us like?

Great! It was packed with many new experiences, because I supported new client projects right from the beginning. I am looking forward to the new tasks coming towards me in the future. The colleagues go along with this and help me to understand internal processes which gives me the right support in the everyday life of an agency. The team spirit is really great, teamwork is being lived here.

What do you like best about your new job?

That it’s currently still mouldable. I can actively cooperate in drafting processes and workflows, shaping the way for new tasks together with my colleagues in order to get going with lots of power, know-how and motivation.