Pure perfection. The campaign for SKF Marine Yacht.

Many people link the global company SKF with “ball bearing” and “craftmanship” and neither know about the whole portfolio nor about the new business section “SKF Marine Yacht”. This section is all about high-tech yachting products. As the first product of the yachting portfolio, the stabilizers have been the centre of communication. These components help i. a. mega yachts keep their balance, on the high seas and at zero speed. So how shall we position the new business section in the premium segment and explain a heterogenous target group consisting of shipyard operators, naval architects, brokers and yacht owners, that stabilizers by SKF are the new “must cruise for smooth yachting”?

Our reply: Balance as perfect as nature. An analogy, that is unrivalled perfect and communicates premium quality as “pure engineering” on a higher level. With fascinating pictures from nature, we document the technical perfection of SKF’s stabilizers. The balance that a yacht using SKF’s stabilizers can achieve, equals a swordfish’s ability to stay the course, the steadfastness of a flamingo standing on one leg and a falcon’s precise focussing on its target. A striking campaign we are certainly proud of.